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Decoration? -Sure we can!

Are you still paying thousands of dollars for a thickly fondant covered cake, with the cake itself very poorly made?  With Delish-us, our mission is to consistently keep all our products of high standards, even when we add the decoration element to it.  Instead of covering the entire cake with a thick sheet of fondant (which honestly who will eat?!), we coat our cakes with a crispy layer of dark or white chocolate ganache before putting on decorations.  

Important note:

If you want to add decorations on top, please decide if you would like to order our signature ice cream cheesecakes (which needs to be stored in the freezer) or a simple fresh fruit cream cake instead (which can sit well in room temperature for 1 hour or stored in the refrigerator).  With cake decorations added, the box will be bigger (box size depends on what is added), so if it's ice cream cheesecake, then you need to make sure the freezer can fit the box.

More information about our cake decoration service:

- first decide which cake you want from our menu.

- figurines / fondant decoration are HKD 400 for 5" cakes and HKD 500 for 7" cakes

- flower wreathe decorations are HKD 500 and can only be added to 7" cakes

- you may choose designs from our album or send us details of your preference for discussion

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