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Our Story

"Making a difference can be just a piece of cake" This is our slogan, our motivation behind it all. Delish-us! is a small hand crafted Cheesecake company who strive for perfection in all its products and aim for customer delight. 



Now about our products…. Delish-us! uses only the most premium quality ingredients for each product and each item is hand-made to ensure its high standards are met before boxing. Our menu is limited to what we master our production in.  We differentiate ourselves from competition by incorporating the least elements to achieve the best outcome through intricate processing procedures.

Credit of this unique cakebox design goes to Ms. Honma Yuki (本間有紀) of Yokohama-Japan, our Chief Packaging Designer.  Thanks to Yuki-san's Origami design, Delish-us! is delighted to bring customers delicious cakes in the form of art. Yuki-san's gifted talent was first recognised at the age of 2 by her Grandmother who gave Yuki the first Origami lesson.  Since then, her interest for Origami was deeply rooted in her. Now, in her gift wrap paper shop, Yuki-san offers gift packaging ideas utilizing origami techniques.

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