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Delish-us...... Delicious

The key to a Delish-us product lies in the ingredients used.  If the source is not good, the final product won't be anything better. We aim to bring you the best ice-cream cheesecake experience that is trusted to be consistently of finest in quality.  We use the finest premium REAL ingredients only: no essence, no additives, no flavourings, no colourings.  What you see is what you get, what you are guaranteed to enjoy... sooooooo Delish-us!

Cake Decoration

Pony 1.JPG

About our decorations:

Our cake decoration service is becoming more & more interested by customers.  Unlike usual decorated cakes sold in the market that are covered in a thick layer of fondant (which is always never eaten & wasted), we cover our cakes with a rich crispy layer of Swiss chocolate instead.  And customers do not need to order a huge cake to be able to add this service, we are able to decorate small 5" cakes for cozy celebrations too!

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"making a difference can be just a piece of cake"

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ice-cream cheesecakes

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